Advance tips for beginners on how to win big in casino slot

Beginners will never be beginners forever and here some Advance tips for beginners on how to win big in casino slot. From a traditional standpoint, beginners should also receive a beginner’s guide until he or she is ready enough to take on more advanced strategies in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins. But from another point of view, giving beginners advanced tips right away can create more aggressive mindset to the person who is trying to learn. This is actually a good way to fast-track the learning process but can also drawback for some players who learn slower than normal.

One advanced tip that can be utilized by beginners is the Standard Deviation. This method is actually uses mathematical and statistical concepts to compute for the most probable result whenever you spin the reels. This may take a little more practice to fully grasp but here are the steps for you to learn it quicker:

Advance tips for beginners on how to win big in casino slot
Advance tips for beginners on how to win big in casino slot

Advance tips for beginners on how to win big in casino slot

  1. Select an “Equal-Ratio” Slot Machine

“Equal-Ratio” simple means that for every bet you place in each round, you get the same percentage amount of winnings in Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. For example, if you bet 2 dimes, your corresponding win will amount to twice of the jackpot money. If you bet 4 dimes, your jackpot will also be quadrupled. This is important to take note because the Standard Deviation will work mathematically on “Equal-Ratio” slots.

  1. Get the number of spins before you get a win

This second step is simple tallying your spins. Here, you must count how many times you need to spin before you hit a winning combination. For example, you have already made 5 spins and on the 6th, you are able to win. Record it saying that you’ve won on your 6th spin. Do this at least 10 times.

Also remember to bet the minimum amount for this test period so you’ll have the least amount of losses. Your aim at this stage is to calculate first and not yet to win.

  1. Calculate the results

This is the stage where you are now getting at least a preview on what number of spins you have to bet more to get a higher chance of winning in Slot machine games, free slot betting website.  The number you have just recorded can be calculated quickly by getting a Standard Deviation calculator online. On the results, you will see there the average number which is now your base point from where the wins will most likely to occur. You will also see in the results the variance wherein you can set the range wherein the wins will most likely happen.

So, let us say you have found out that the wins happen on the 6th spin on the average and the range is plus or minus 1, bet minimum on the 1st to 3rd spin and bet max on the 5th to 6th spins. Once you’ve hit the win, reset your count.

These results may not always happen due to the nature of the slots machines to have millions of probabilities. But this method can give you a better edge among others because you are already calculating your possible results even in a simple way. Plus, the mathematics on this strategy is true so you are actually getting a better chance of winning.

There are still plenty of strategies out there that are far more complicated than this one but this Standard Deviation method can bring you better results than without a strategy at all.

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