Choosing McGregor Over Mayweather is Actually a Good Idea

The biggest inter-sport bout, between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., is about to take place in Las Vegas on 26th August. The two fighting icons are ready for the fight and are busy with their promotional tour. There are so much hype and anticipation surrounding their fans. In the United States, it is one of the biggest betting events of 2017. You will be able to see the match live in Movie Theaters. Many are choosing McGregor over Mayweather is actually a good idea, because underdogs have higher odds than the favorite.

Choosing McGregor Over Mayweather is Actually a Good Idea

If you are ready to start your betting on McGregor or Mayweather, just wait to be sure you are putting your money on the right fighter. You must be safe and sure before betting on any sports.You also need to ensure that is the website is secure, trusted and provides timely payouts.

We all know that Mayweather is a better boxer than McGregor and he should win. However, professional fighting is really unpredictable. Plus, there are strong points you can’t just ignore about McGregor.

Choosing McGregor Over Mayweather is Actually a Good Idea
Choosing McGregor Over Mayweather is Actually a Good Idea

Although Mayweather will try his best to preserve his boxing record, most people even at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets are betting on McGregor. There are tremendously a lot of differences between the two fighters in terms of mindset, age, goals, and determination. They may only have one or two common trait that brought them to fight each other – one of them is definitely their “big mouth”. Here is a list of reasons why McGregor is more favorable to win the match:

  1. Firstly, McGregor has never been knocked out. Secondly, he has so much power that he can drop anyone. Although in his career, he lost 3 times, it is interesting to note that every defeat came through submission. He is also experienced when it comes to facing really nasty dudes which he did in UFC.
  2. McGregor is not a clean fighter like Money Mayweather. He can live up to his promise of knocking Mayweather out in the initial rounds. Plus, if Mayweather goes down, he will stay there. This act is not impossible.
  3. McGregor will be swinging for the KO punch in the beginning and Mayweather is still human like all of us, doesn’t matter how great of a defensive boxer he is. It will take only one punch from McGregor to end the game in the very beginning.
  4. McGregor is young and confident. He is filled with power and his reaction is really quick to do big damage. He can definitely shock the entire world who is assuming that Mayweather is unbeatable. McGregor is ready to make history.
  5. Mayweather has turned weak and slow over the years as he is a 40-year-old aged fighter. He is lacking power and his weak reaction timing is another drawback for him. It has been 2 years since he fought.
  6. Mayweather has been retired for some time now. His age is another big factor which you can’t ignore while betting. He has lost most of his power and on the contrary, McGregor is learning new techniques of hitting and kicking using his knees and elbows. He is receiving all the training and new fighting experiences.Either McGregor will lose like Mayweather’s previous opponents or he will create history with his aggression.
  7. It is also believed that Mayweather is fighting for money and not to defeat McGregor. Plus, Mayweather’s last match was against someone equal to his age. Hence, it is better to bet for McGregor than Mayweather.

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