Different Ways You Can Enjoy Baccarat at Live Casino

Baccarat has been one of the games that you would always find in both land based and online casinos. What’s more, in Asian casino sites such as Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games there are plenty of variations of this game. What are they? Here are the different ways you can enjoy baccarat at live casino.

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Baccarat at Live Casino

These variations of Baccarat card game is almost played the same traditional way but with some minor differences that makes them much exciting to play. Without further ado, here are the variants that you will find at the live casino.

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Baccarat at Live Casino
Different Ways You Can Enjoy Baccarat at Live Casino

7 Up Baccarat

The game of 7 Up is really simple. All the basic betting options in traditional baccarat can be found. What makes this variant different is the way how the player gets their cards. Here, Player hands are always given a seven (7) as their first hand. The Bankers cards are dealt the same way. Also, the payout is different whenever any hand wins with a seven.

The payout for this will depend on how many sevens are on both hands including the ones that is always dealt on the Player. A win on Seven side bet with two sevens is 2:1, three is 5:1, 4 is 17:1, 5 is 70:1 and six pays 700:1.

Baccarat Super 98

Also known as “Power Baccarat 98” at live casino. Just as the conventional baccarat, players will choose which hand from the Player and Banker will win. Side bets are also the same which include Pair and Tie. Once all the bets are placed, the dealer will then use a dice shaker to shake a single die 3 times.

This is where the difference could be seen. If the die’s value is 3 then the hand will be called a “Power Hand”. Furthermore, to indicate that the hand is a power hand, the dealer will turn on the Power Marker to tell the players the feature is in effect.

While power hand is in effect, the payouts for wagers increases. Player hand wins pays out 21:20, banker wins goes up to 19:20 and Tie side bet increased to 10:1 and Pair side bet increase up to 15:1. Lastly, all the side bets on the “Naturals” go up to 9:1 from 8:1.

Playing Strategy for Baccarat Variations

Since both variants of baccarat at live casino is played the same way as the conventional baccarat, placing bets on the last winner is a good strategy. The pace of the game is fast and the required wager varies from the lowest MYR 1 up to MYR 100 each round. This is surely a good game for all players be it low ballers and or high rollers.

Nevertheless, doing a good bankroll management can also help. As easy as how the variations is played, do not forget that it is still a game of chance. Bankroll management will also help you practice to become a much responsible gambler.

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