Have an Early Christmas Gift with GamesOS Generous Santa Slot Game

Christmas only comes in December, but Christmas gifts may come in any month of the year! Would you believe that GamesOS has created its Christmas-themed Slot game named Generous Santa? They have created this unique game among all of its game on its portfolio. With its fun cartoon looking design as if it were a Christmas card and the classic Jingle Bells Christmas song playing in the background is sure to have an early Christmas gift with GamesOS Generous Santa slot game.

Have an Early Christmas Gift with GamesOS Generous Santa Slot Game

Santa is sure to be generous and fun with this game! The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines with so much Christmas-themed symbols that you will surely enjoy. The symbols are even animated when part of the winning line. How could you not be entertained with that? The Cuckoo symbols which you have collected within the game will start to pay off as the reel clock struck midnight, which is also equivalent to 60 spins. Free spins with random wild cards awaits you for every cuckoo symbol you have collected. Here are some other features included with the game.

Have an Early Christmas Gift with GamesOS Generous Santa Slot Game
Have an Early Christmas Gift with GamesOS Generous Santa Slot Game

Adjust lines to your liking

There is a button at the bottom part of the game which will allow every player to set their own lines. Isn’t that great? Lines you can adjust to your own comfort. The maximum lines you can play with are at least 20.


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Coin size bet

Another thing you can adjust according to your comfort is the size of your coin bets. You will find a button at the bottom (same with the button for adjusting lines) where you can change the size of coins you can bet which ranges from 0.2 to 2.

Wild symbols

Although the game does not offer progressive jackpots or a score multiplier, still it made a way to make the game more interesting. The wild symbols, which are represented by Santa’s sleighs, stay on the Christmas tree at the left. These wilds can be collected up to 7 at a time which will give you a present.

Scatter symbols

Along with the wild symbols placed in the game are the scatter symbols represented by Cuckoos. As you collect these cuckoos, they make the clock tick up one more minute. When you have collected 60 cuckoos on an active pay line, you will be rewarded with every gift on the tree that will give you free spins.

GamesOS Proves Its Generosity!

The generosity of the games does not stop with the features mentioned above. The bonus free spins you earn from bonus symbols give even greater prizes! A lot of bonus with this game, isn’t? But it does not stop with that! Free spins may give you extra wild symbols which will surely increase your chances in winning the jackpot.

Lining up five Generous Santa symbols in an active pay line can give you a base $5,000 coin jackpot which can rise to $10,000 depending on your coin size bet.

With all the said features, who wouldn’t be tempted to play the game? Just with the design of this game, even Have an Early Christmas Gift with GamesOS Generous Santa Slot Game. What more with the exciting prizes that await them? Play the game and experience the Christmas vibes yourself!

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