Super Color Sic Bo Game Rules and Changes

Super Color Sic Bo is among the new variants of popular games. Many are interested to play this game but clueless about it. Do you have questions such as what are Super Color Sic Bo game rules and changes? When is the best time to pick the big bets? How can we win this game? Learn the answer below.

Super Color Sic Bo Game Rules and Changes

Super Color Sic Bo Game Rules and Changes
Super Color Sic Bo Game Rules and Changes

What is Super Color Sic Bo Game?

Super Color Sic Bo is a game in the Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games game line. These game rules are not different to normal Sic Bo. What makes it unique is the dice it uses. They still use three dice, but instead of the normal six-sided one colour dice, they use 12 sided with three colours.

These three colours appear on different sides. For instance, one, four, nine, and 12 are red. Blue, on the other hand, is on the sides of two, five, eight, and eleven. Lastly, green is on three, six, seven, and ten.

Super Color Game Rules

Even though the name is called ‘Super’, the rules are actually nothing out of the ordinary. Rather, the betting rules are actually just the same as the normal Sic Bo. Bettors only have to pick a chip to bet with, choose a betting option to their liking, place the chip on their betting options, and wait for the results after the dice stop rolling.

The Changes

Some of you may be wondering what’s so special about Super Color Sic Bo. Remember the three colours of the dice? Well, they actually play big in the bets because there is a whole new row of their own betting options. Here they are:

  • Bet for one particular colour among the three dice to appear. This pays 1:1.
  • Bet for one colour to appear on two among three dice. This bet pays up 3:1.
  • Bet for all colour to appear on the three dice. This bet pays 3:1.
  • Bet for all three dice to have the same colour. In this bet, it doesn’t matter which colour to appear. The bet pays 7:1.
  • Bet for all the three dice to appear with the same particular colour. Of course, bettors can choose the colour they want to bet on. This pays 23:1.

When Can We Win the Biggest Payout?

Sadly, there is no best time to win in Sic Bo. The results are always unpredictable, especially since the rolling results will always appear randomly. Instead of looking to go around it, try to win as much as possible below.

The Trick to Win Better

Wanting to win most of the time? If so, the bettor can simply pick bet options with the lowest payout. They are much easier to win, which means bettors will get better chances with them. For better results, don’t be shy and combine them in each turn.

By reading this article, you have learnt Super Color Sic Bo game rules and changes, methods to win the game, and the best time to win big. In case you are confused again, don’t be ashamed to reread this article. Good luck!

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