Things You Didn’t Know About Playtech

Playtech is very well-known for its quality in producing many online casino games. Teddy Sagi, the founder of Playtech, has run Playtech since 1999. In short, Playtech launched its first online product in 2001. Since then, Playtech developed many casino games such as live casino, mobile casino and many more. As the time goes by, Playtech successfully dominated the market for online casino games. However, you may not know well about Playtech since you will be surprised with this surprising things you didn’t know about Playtech.

Things You Didn’t Know About Playtech

Things You Didn’t Know About Playtech
Things You Didn’t Know About Playtech

Playtech Strategies and Software Development

Since there are many other developers who start to gain their popularity, Playtech starts to do something new and unique in order to stay on top. Playtech signs deals with movie studios so that it can use new themes. Playtech is also certified and regulated in different jurisdictions. Furthermore, it also uses advanced tool in order to create great software to keep competing with the other developers and shows its quality in producing casino games.

Various Online Casinos Game

Playtech has diverse collection of online casino games even the classic one. It serves the best real dealer for blackjack and roulette game. For the slot, it provides progressive jackpot slot while it also provides the best stock for baccarat game. Besides, many players can also enjoy the table games provided by Playtech along with video pokies. You may not know that there are games which can be downloaded and only browser-based. Moreover, most of the games are compatible with mobile phone so you can use your phone to play the game.

Playtech Has Awarded at Global Gaming Awards 2016

Playtech shows quality as top game developers by successfully winning the top prize at Global Gaming Awards 2016. It is awarded as “Best Digital Industry Supplier” because of its gaming product. Furthermore, it also successfully becomes the pioneer of Playtech ONE Omni-channel solution which breaks the record for the past 12 months. Playtech has many unique games to play. Therefore, Playtech is worth for the award.

Offers Numerous Bonuses and Promotions

In term of bonus and promotion, of course Playtech gives a lot. Even Playtech allows gamblers at best e-games & free bets site in Malaysia free bets for their player accounts. Therefore, casino players will beneficially boost their own bankroll. Furthermore, Playtech also offers many promos such as match promos, referral programs, welcome packages, loyalty schemes, generous incentives, and another promotion. Not only promotion but also bonus. The player can get free spins bonus and free round play. For slot players, you should be happy because Playtech gives huge prizes for the progressive jackpots.

Developing iPoker Network

Playtech develops iPoker Network platform. Before, no one ever creates that platform. iPoker platform consists of many casinos which run in the same network and offers competitive game with huge rewards. It has unrivaled poker solution followed by nine amusement types that can be easily customized. In addition, the platform has great features such as chat box, contest calendar, and entertainments.

Those are some surprising things you didn’t know about Playtech. You may be surprised right now, right?

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